Wire Harness Process Production

- Aug 07, 2018-

Wiring harness production of the first station is the process.

The accuracy of the process is directly related to the entire production progress, once the error, especially the short size, will lead to rework of all work stations, time-consuming and laborious impact on production efficiency.

The second position after the line is the crimping process, according to the requirements of the design of the terminal type to determine the crimping parameters, the production of crimping operation instructions, for the need for special requirements in the process document annotated and training operators. Then is the pre-installed process, first of all to prepare the Operation manual, in order to improve the assembly efficiency, the complex wiring harness must be set pre-installed station.

If the pre-installed part of the assembly is less or the assembly of the wire path unreasonable will increase the total assembly staff workload. The final step is the assembly process. According to the product development Department design of the Assembly table, design tooling equipment, material box size and all assembly kits and accessories of the number on the material box to improve assembly efficiency.