Hitachi Excavator Repair Case Instrument Without Electric Engine Can Not Start

- Oct 13, 2018-

After the Hitachi excavator EX200-2 appeared on the lower flatbed trailer, there was no power in the instrument panel, and the engine could not be started. After the excavator repairer arrived at the scene, the machine inspection was performed by simple fault analysis.

  First, by turning the key switch to the ON position, you can hear the sound of the battery relay action. This means that the current passes through the relay, and the relay is ok.

     The instrument panel light does not illuminate and the engine will not start when it is screwed to the START position. Careful observation of the excavator battery positive pole and the connection line contact with a weak spark emerges, the cause of the failure is: Hitachi excavator when the vehicle is shocked, resulting in poor contact between the positive pole and the connecting line.

     After the correct connection, the Hitachi excavator dashboard has no power to start the engine troubleshooting.