Do You Know How To Solve The Problem That The Temperature Of The Engine Is Too High During The Operation Of The Excavator?

- Jan 15, 2020-

Diagnose engine overheating faults


(1) The temperature of the engine is too high during the operation of the excavator, and the radiator is easy to open. Open the engine cover to see the radiator emit steam;

(2) The engine is overheating and the temperature of the exhaust pipe is too high.


The reason:

(1) The engine ignition timing is too late;

(2) Too little cooling water;

(3) The thermostat fails;

(4) The pump is damaged;

(5) The fan motor is faulty;

(6) Circulating waterway is blocked;

(7) The vent hole of the liquid storage tank is blocked;

(8) Long-term high-load operation of the engine.


Method of exclusion:

(1) Adjust the ignition timing angle of the engine to the correct position, the ignition timing angle cannot be too late;

(2) Pay attention to add the amount of cooling water to a suitable height, and pay attention to the loss of cooling liquid;

(3) Check, remove or replace the thermostat;

(4) Check the water pump drive V-belt, or replace the water pump;

(5) Check the fan motor or motor control section;

(6) Check the temperature of the circulating water channel and the upper and lower parts of the radiator. If the temperature difference is too large, and the fault of the thermostat is ruled out, it can be determined that the foreign body in the water channel is blocked;

(7) Check and open the vent hole of the liquid storage tank;

(8) It is necessary to prevent the engine from working under high load for a long time, which is beneficial to preventing the engine from high temperature and extending the service life.