Engine Wiring Harness for PC70-7 Komatsu 201-06-73113

Product name: Engine Wiring Harness For PC70-7 Komatsu 201-06-73113 Product parameters : Engine Wiring Harness For PC70-7 Komatsu 201-06-73113 Other Hot Selling Parts : 1 : Excavator throttle cable 2 : Excavatoe wiring harness 3 : Excavator throttle potentionmeter 4 : Excavator solenoid valve 5...
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Product name:Engine Wiring Harness For PC70-7 Komatsu 201-06-73113

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Guangzhou, China(Mainland)


wire harness

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Engine Wiring Harness For PC70-7 Komatsu 201-06-73113

1-Wire weaving used the US company iman type 50V, recognized with best performance

2-LOW temperature(-54℃)and high temperature(138℃)resisance

3-Using the original plug longer life

4-Wire used the AE150 degress high temperature resistance and flame retardant to ensure stability at high temperatures

5-Industrial connectors from  the deutsch HD34 series, AMP Yazaki sumitomo and other word-famous waterproof connector manufacturers, improved water resistance and stability

6-Using original terminnals, special parts using 24K gold- plated terminals to ensure reliable contacts and enough currend

7-Using PVCD nylon line imported form America has corrosion resistance high temperature (up to 150℃) resistance flame retardant and other advantages

The outer skin of the engine harness is made of plastic, when the temperature of the engine compartment is very high, the plastic will inevitably release chemicals such as plasticizers, which chemically react with the copper core wire, resulting in a decrease in the strength of the plastic. , the copper core wire resistance rises, the result is easy to cause wire harness aging

Excavator wire harness aging will lead to spontaneous combustion, so we must pay attention to the problem of aging of the excavator harness. The problem of wire harness aging is unavoidable. When the wire harness is aging or severely damaged, it must be replaced in time, and it needs to be regularly excavated. Check all parts of the machine


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