What do I need to prepare before the excavator hydraulic oil is replaced?

- Oct 22, 2018-

1. When replacing an excavator with hydraulic oil, the following preparations should be made:

    Purchase oil for the entire vehicle hydraulic system. (2.5 times the volume of the hydraulic tank), filter element, washing oil, 3 kg of flour, rope, oil plug of the closed hydraulic oil pipe, (formed by the oil pipe on the oil change excavator), a steam pump and an empty oil drum. Prepare a normal excavator. The oil-changing excavator boom is raised to the highest point, and the engine is extinguished after the stick and the bucket receive the inner point (the boom cylinder, the arm cylinder and the bucket cylinder all protrude to the apex).

    2. Cleaning of hydraulic oil tank:

    Discharge all the hydraulic oil in the tank, withdraw the hydraulic filter, disassemble the pipeline between the pump and the tank from the pump interface, and release the oil in the pipeline. Flush the hydraulic tank and tubing with wash oil. Wipe the inside of the hydraulic tank with medical sand cloth. Divide the flour and the extent to the stretchable surface in three portions, and stick the dough three times to clean the inside of the hydraulic tank, especially at the corners of the tank and the filter cartridge. The hydraulic tank and filter cartridge must be thoroughly cleaned. Replace the new hydraulic filter and place the cover.

    3. Flushing of hydraulic piston pump:

    Each hydraulic piston pump on the excavator has a flushing port (discharge port). Unscrew the upper and lower oil drains, release the hydraulic oil in the pump casing, screw the oil plug under the pump, fill the pump casing with oil from the oil port on the pump, and then unscrew the oil plug under the pump to release the pump casing. After washing the oil several times, after repeated washing several times, finally use the steam pump to blow off the residual oil in the pump casing, then fill it with clean hydraulic oil and tighten the oil plug.

    4. Replace the pump inlet seal (O-ring), connect the hydraulic tank to the pump's oil supply line, and fill the hydraulic tank from the hydraulic filter port (put the replaced filter) Hydraulic oil.