The fastest way to level the excavator, the method and skill of the excavator leveling

- Oct 31, 2018-

Excavator leveling is a problem that many operators have headaches. In fact, the leveling project is not the specialty of the excavator. Is it more professional to use pavers, graders and bulldozers? Pavers and graders Both the bulldozer and the bulldozer come with a leveling instrument, which is often referred to as the GPS monitoring system. It is the front-end equipment of the vehicle monitoring and management system. It monitors the position and related status of the vehicle and has an automatic leveling function. Hanging the instrument on the line makes it easier to grasp the accuracy when leveling, which not only greatly improves the efficiency, but also saves manpower and financial resources.

In addition to the GPS monitoring system that comes with the machine when leveling, many machines will be used together with the AccuGrade machine control system during leveling. AccuGrade machine control can be applied to graders, bulldozers, etc., depending on the location of the measurement. The drop command is transmitted to the machine, and the AccuGrade system enables fewer surveyors, reduces manpower, and allows for more precise slope repair.

However, in many areas, due to the limitations of equipment and many other reasons, there are many sloping jobs that need to be done by excavators. What are the methods and techniques for leveling with excavators? Here is a case where a friend combines his own work. Everyone talks about the skills of using the excavator to level the way, hoping to give some help to the novice friends who are not enough.

First of all, the bottom of the trough should be leveled and then compacted. When compacting, pay attention to the pressure. When compacting the second time, press it on the third of the original chain, so that it is pressed out in turn. The meeting will be neat and beautiful.

Now that the sand has been unloaded, the amount of sand required for this floor is relatively large, about a thousand square meters, so it is necessary to first repair the road. In the beginning, the car should be paved with 30 cm of sand, one to avoid the car trapping, and the other to compact the sand with the weight of the car. It should be noted that when paving sand and gravel, the method should be used in the middle and the back, so that the car can be dumped to the last side and then back.

When the sandstone reaches a certain level, it needs to be leveled. At this time, there is no need to rush. The method is to pile up three mounds first, then copy the hits, put a brick on the flat point and use it as a reference. It is the reference point, and the flattening of a large area requires a combination of points, lines, and surfaces. The whole is beautiful, then the line, the line is the edge of the trough. The smoothing is not beautiful. The key is how to handle your line. If the edge is high, even if you are flat, the final look is also Not beautiful, because the line on the side is not straight. Therefore, it is necessary to handle the line, that is, the side, so that it is relatively easy to refer to the cable as a reference.