Komatsu excavator engine exhaust is white, how to diagnose and repair?

- Oct 23, 2018-

Komatsu excavator parts can be divided according to the size and his function when sorting. The main working parts are standard size excavation arm, excavator extension arm, extended version of the size arm. It can also be divided according to the type of bucket. The pure accessories bucket of Komatsu excavator is divided into rock bucket, reinforcement bucket, water bucket, grid bucket, trapezoidal bucket, etc. Its variety is more suitable for us in different occasions. The use of excavator parts engine exhaust is white maintenance method:

1. Check whether the fuel quality is up to standard. If the standard is not up to standard, clean the fuel tank, oil passage, oil-water separator, and replace the fuel filter and fuel.

     2. Check if the cylinder head gasket is damaged, if there is water in the combustion chamber, then replace the cylinder head gasket. In addition to the above reasons, the ambient temperature is too low, and the injection is too late to cause white smoke.

     3. Check for leaks in the seals and tubing, and repair or replace if necessary.

     4. Check if there is a phenomenon of squatting and blue smoke. If there is a possibility that the cylinder gasket or piston ring is poorly sealed, replace the cylinder gasket or piston ring and related failed parts.

     5. Confirm that the oil level of the engine meets the requirements and whether the machine is tilted for 250 or 300 for a long time (within three minutes), causing the oil to enter the combustion chamber.

How to repair Komatsu excavator parts, black smoke is easy to extinguish? On-site test machine, when the engine load is increased, the speed drop occurs, and the engine exhausts a large amount of black smoke. If you continue to increase the load, the engine has a flameout. When the load is heavy, the operation of the excavator or the excavator lifts the boom, the machine is unable to feel the engine power is obviously insufficient. According to experience, it is likely that the air filter is blocked or the airway leaks. The air filter is cleaned and the air inlet is checked. After checking that the intake air is insufficient due to air leakage from the intake port, the Komatsu PC210-8 excavator is black and easy to turn off, and the fault is eliminated after the inspection.

     In addition, if the load is increased by the speed, but there is no black smoke in the exhaust, it is generally caused by the failure of the high pressure oil circuit.