How to identify imported excavator parts

- Oct 25, 2018-

First, identify from the outer packaging

Identify according to the package. Colors, patterns, and styles all have certain rules and an important order for verifying the authenticity of imported parts. The packaging of foreign professional accessory parts is beautifully made. It is generally difficult to imitate the same imitation package made rougher and easier to distinguish. However, some imitations rely on modern and advanced printing technology to make the parts packaging very realistic. If they are not carefully identified, it is difficult to distinguish them. Imported machinery parts generally have outer packaging and inner packaging, and are packaged with packaging boxes and packaging boxes; the inner packaging is generally wrapped paper with packaging and plastic bags or paper bags. Authentic imported parts and packaging boxes (boxes) are affixed with the manufacturer's uniform, clear printing, excellent paper, and printed with the GENUINEPA RTS9 authentic parts), marked with the part number, name, quantity and manufacturer and country. The imitation label printing is not fine, the color is not light or heavy, it is difficult to be consistent with the pure piece packaging. The part number printed by the computer and the color of the manufacturer's mark are not light and heavy, and the identification can be distinguished by careful identification. From the perspective of the packing box (box), the imported packaging box (box) has a tight texture and a clear pattern. The packaging box is usually printed with the manufacturer and the genuine parts. For example, Komatsu has printed Komatsu on the whole box (KOMA). TSU and pure parts (GENUINEPA RTS Mitsubishi company printed on the entire package (MITSUBISHI and genuine parts (GENUINEPA RTS and imitation of the package, although these logos are also printed, but the color is not correct, the pattern is not clear. Some foreign companies to prevent counterfeiting There are anti-counterfeit marks on the packaging label, which can be paid attention to during the identification. The inner packaging is usually wrapped paper, paper bag or plastic bag, and the package is printed with pure parts and company logo. The pattern, color and pattern of the wrapping paper, imitation It is difficult to have the same product.

Pay attention when identifying the packaging of imported parts. The box is marked with the whole machine factory and when the manufacturer's accessories are imported. There are also signs of supporting factories. For example, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. has a piston ring made by RIKENCORPO TION, which is printed on the outer box. The single piston ring box is a Mitsubishi-labeled flower box package, which is marked with the MITSUBISHI piston ring specification. Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, and Liyan Co., Ltd., do not mistakenly believe that internal and external inconsistencies are not authentic parts.

Second, from the product quality to identify

Differentiate imported mechanical parts from product quality. Some dealers will assemble the imported parts and assemble the whole machine to identify the most critical part of the authenticity of the authentic parts. Driven by profit. Then use the packaging of pure parts to install non-pure parts to market. Therefore, it is necessary to check the intrinsic quality of the product to confirm the authenticity of the imported parts. The identification of product quality is mainly observed, inspected and tested.

1 Check from the appearance. Look at the processing of the appearance of its products is fine. A check can be performed to check if the color is normal. If there is a sample of a genuine part. Generally, the appearance of imitation products is rough and the color of the products is not correct.

2 Check the logo on the product. Brand marks, part numbers, and specific codes are printed on the imported parts. Some products are also engraved with manufacturing plants and producing countries. See if it meets the requirements.

3 by measuring the size of the product.

4 performance testing of the product. Some parts are still indistinguishable from the appearance inspection. Check the fuel injection pressure, fuel injection amount, fuel injection angle, and so on. A special instrument is required for testing. For example, the injector and the plug should be put on the test bench for performance test. ;

The method used to seek compensation from the manufacturer. 5 physical and chemical properties test of the product. This situation is generally when there is doubt about the intrinsic quality of the product or when there is a problem with the use.

Third, identify the price of the product

The same accessories. Professional factories, subordinate parts, professional parts, domestic parts and imitations vary widely. The price of the authentic components is the highest. Domestic and imitation products have the lowest prices. The price of general tunnel components can exceed one or two times that of imitation parts, and some even more; foreign professional supporting parts are slightly lower than the pure parts of the whole machine factory. If the price is lower than the custom price, it can be judged as a non-pure or professional factory. It is important to note that the tax cuts in the import link and the increase in the price of the intermediate dealers will also cause the price to deviate from the regular price.

Fourth, according to the purchase channel for analysis

At present, there are more purchase channels. First, it is imported directly from abroad, but there are no two aspects. The second is to purchase from the dealers, directly from the foreign machine factory and parts and components supporting factory imports of accessories, the quality is guaranteed. If it is purchased from a dealer or re-exported from Hong Kong and Macao, the accessories should be identified according to the above methods. In addition, all mechanical parts imported directly from abroad have order contracts, bills of lading, waybills, packing lists and invoices. If you purchase parts from an import company, you can ask them to show the above procedures. Otherwise, you can judge that they are not imported.

The method is varied and does not use a single method to identify imported mechanical parts. Different identification methods are adopted according to different types of accessories, and comprehensive application can definitely identify the authenticity of imported accessories.