How to buy a used excavator?

- Nov 09, 2018-

1-Observe the engine and hydraulic pump for maintenance traces. The overhaul of the excavator is nothing more than the engine and the hydraulic pump. If the overhaul will be cleaned or painted, see if there are any gaps in the bolt pattern, whether the bolts and bolts are clean, new excavator After the installation, the bolts are painted. The upper part is tight and the gap is blocked. If the bolt surface or the bolt pattern is damaged or dirty, it will be dismantled. Traces, such as whether the back of the cab is severely damaged, or whether there are many signs of wear on the engine hydraulic pump and the part of the engine hydraulic pump, it is easy to see.

2-The excavator of the excavator hour meter will face overhaul after 10,000 hours of work. You can look at the hour meter on the excavator. If there are more than 20,000 working hours, this excavator is usually overhauled. However, many used excavators have now adjusted the hour meter, and the working hours on the watch are no longer reliable. It is not difficult to see through the above two points that the possibility of overhauling the second-hand excavators of the general-2, -3, -5 models is very large. Of course, it does not rule out a very good maintenance.

3-Observe whether the paint has been reworked. When you look at each machine, you should pay attention to the paint of this machine. Is it done again? If it is a partial repair, it is normal. If the whole car is done, then you have to Think carefully!

4-View the full extent of the tubing of the whole car. The more the tubing is changed, the longer the car's time is. The dry work is very bad. It is difficult for the short-time excavator to explode the oil pipe. If the original tubing and non-original are not clear, In the case of tubing, you can see which kind of tubing brand on the car. The more brands, the more tubing you change. This kind of car is not useful for buying back. It is enough for you to suffer every day.

5-Chain, drive wheel, guide wheel to see if the original original take away signs, if the machine is new, the chain and drive wheel wear very serious, then the machine may be refurbished very seriously, the upper part of the machine must be It is directly proportional to the condition of the lower body.

6-Looking at the interior of the cab, the corners of the corners can be seen in the corners of the machine.

7-The walking motor looks at the two sides of the walking motor is not a brand, the cover plate behind the motor is also open, to see if it is the same series of brands as the original machine, and some machines on both sides of the motor are not the same brand, the motor has been replaced, replaced The motor's machine is never repaired, and it doesn't take much time to fix it.

8-Check bucket and boom

  Excavators are not always used as excavation machines, and builders sometimes use them to piling or use them to lay pipes. Therefore, the user needs to pay attention to the situation of the bucket to ensure that there is no problem in piling, crushing and walking.

Another important part is the bucket cylinder connecting pin and bushing. It is important to check the tightness of these places. Many problems are caused by neglect of maintenance and inspection.

When the user starts the machine to move the bucket, the stick and the rear arm, he may see the pin or the cylinder move, but the stick and the bucket do not move because the pin and bushing parts are loose. Caused.

Another key point is to look closely at the part of the rear arm that is connected to the excavator. If the connection under the rear arm is excessively worn, it may result in the loss of the value of the entire equipment.