How should we standardize Caterpillar throttle motor?

- Nov 08, 2018-

The solutions to the problem:

Step 1, Press the menu key;

Step 2, Press the bottom key 3 times to the special setting;

Step 3, Press confirmation key ;

Step 4, Enter the password in the 《0000》and  press the bottom key and the right key 3 times separately , and then the top key 2 times, the password is FFF2;

Step 5, Press the confirmation key to enter the next interface;

Step 6, Press the bottom key 1 time and the right key 6 times to the CALIBATION interface;

Step 7, Press the bottom key 2 times to the CTANDBY interface and then press the confirmation key;

Step 8, Press the confirmation key 1 time to start calibration until finishing after it appears SP words; This is mainly for the slow speed and abnormal speed throttle motor, after the calibration, it will show -4 or 4. If 4, you need to loosen the ball head position which is on the top of the throttle cable for 4 circles; If -4, you need to tighten that position for 4 circles.