Excavator repair: Causes of the failure of Kobelco SK210LC-8 to walk

- Oct 26, 2018-

How can the Kobelco SK210LC-8 excavator not walk?

    1 Check the transmission hydraulic oil level, oil quality.

    2 Check whether the oil passages are unblocked, and whether the oil suction filter and the oil return filter are blocked.

    3 test system pressure: connect the pressure gauge at the torque converter oil temperature gauge joint, measure the oil port pressure (outlet pressure should be 0.28 ~ 0.45Mpa); remove the lower plug, connect the pressure gauge to measure the inlet pressure (import pressure should be It is 0.56Mpa); connect the pressure gauge at the nozzle of the radiator to measure the lubricating oil pressure (the lubricating oil pressure should be 0.1~0.2Mpa) to see if it is within the specified range.

    4 Remove the old variable speed pump and replace it with new ones. After inspection, all items have no problem.

    Finally, it is found that the shifting clutch of the shift control valve is too large to screw in the intake pipe joint, causing the brake gas valve stem 5 and the brake valve stem 6 to move to the right, preventing the pressure oil from entering the shift valve, that is, cutting off the switch. The oil passage of the clutch is blocked, so that the machine can be automatically disengaged, so that the machine can not walk. Therefore, the joint is screwed out to make it 10 mm away from the valve body. The engine is restored again.

    After many tests, it is found that the 10mm gap is the best value of the distance. The gap is small and it is easy to automatically disengage. If the gap is large, it is easy to cause the gear to be quickly disengaged during braking. Many operators of this gap are easy to ignore and should be noticed.

    Kobelco SK210LC-8 can not travel fault check can also be used for Kobelco SK200-3, Kobelco SK60-8, Kobelco SK210-7, Kobelco SK210 Super 8, Kobelco SK200-6E, Kobelco SK75-8, Kobelco SK210LC-6, Kobelco SK200-8, Kobelco SK100-5, Kobelco SK350LC-8, Kobelco SK120-6.