Excavator operation daily articles: operation skills and maintenance

- Nov 29, 2018-

Body alignment

If the excavator is not placed correctly after parking, it is easy to increase the swing load of the equipment. As we all know, the equipment should reduce the angle of the swing when working. If the fuselage is on the slope, the rotation process is divided into half uphill and half downhill. For the excavator, it will be very difficult to rotate and add the slope.

Suitable throttle size

When the excavator is working, it is mostly a compound action, such as lifting the boom at the same time, collecting the stick, hooking the bucket, and rotating the movement. The speed and force of each action is controlled by the joystick stroke. When the engine speed is very low, in order to avoid serious engine shake and flameout, it is necessary to make some decomposition of the compound action, let the limited energy be properly distributed, and need to give appropriate buffer through the operating rod to match the low speed. Low power output.

High level mining

When the excavator is working, it should first select the part with the higher excavation position, and then excavate the part with lower position, which can shorten the certain working period compared with the direct excavation.

Clean up the soil

When the excavator is heavily soiled, the running resistance of the equipment will increase and the fuel consumption will increase. Therefore, the bucket powder must remember to regularly clean the dirt on the walking device.

Adjust tension

The adjustment of the track tension of the excavator is very important for the maintenance of the excavator chassis. The tension of the track needs to be adjusted according to different working conditions. If the track is too tight, the resistance of the excavator will increase during the walking process, and the track will be worn seriously. If the track is too loose, the equipment will be in the process of walking, the track and the lower frame parts. Interference between each other leads to wear.