Excavator oil intake judgment and daily failure analysis

- Nov 07, 2018-

There are five main reasons for summing up the oil into the water:

    1, engine water plugging water leakage

    Due to the corrosion of scale, the water will be rusted, and the cooling water will enter the oil passage from the waterway to the oil sump. This is a common cause, so check the water block frequently.

    2, the oil radiator is damaged

    The radiator pipe is damaged, and the water outside the radiator will penetrate into the oil radiator, causing the oil to enter the water.

    3, the cylinder liner crack

    When the cooling water comes into contact with the working cylinder liner, cracks are easy to occur. Once the crack occurs, the cooling water will directly enter the cylinder and enter the oil sump through the cylinder wall, which will make the oil white and the oil will turn white. It can cause problems such as poor engine burning and white smoke. Under normal circumstances, the cylinder liner is not prone to cracks, but in some cases, such as the winter cooling water is not filled with antifreeze to cause ice, which may cause cracks in the cylinder liner.

    4. The cylinder seal is damaged.

    Damage to the cylinder seal is a common cause of oil ingress, so be sure to check that the cylinder seal is intact when troubleshooting the cause.

    5, the cylinder head gasket is damaged

    If the cylinder head gasket is damaged, the water circulation speed is fast, and the water in the water channel will flow into the oil oil passage, causing the oil to enter the water. Damage to the cylinder head gasket is also one of the common causes of oil ingress. After each disassembly of the machine, try to use a new cylinder head gasket to prevent the cylinder gasket from leaking water and causing oil leakage and engine damage.