Excavator maintenance inspection essentials and notes

- Oct 19, 2018-

For everyone to sort out the precautions for excavator maintenance and maintenance inspection essentials, to facilitate daily operation:

    1. Use genuine and reliable parts and components: When you change parts or add grease, please specify correct and reliable parts and parts. The oils and fats used should be selected to meet the local temperature.

    2. Cleaning: Clean all parts of the machine to avoid problems and prevent dust from entering the system.

    3. When cleaning the machine, avoid splashing water and oil on the electrical equipment, such as the monitor and fuse box of the cab.

    4, add fuel oil, engine oil, should avoid mixing foreign matter such as water.

    5. When replacing the new grease and filter, please check the oil drain and the filter for metal powder or foreign matter. If a large amount of metal powder is found, it should be thoroughly inspected immediately.

    6, the lubricant should be added moderately, more or less will have a bad consequences on the machine.

    7. After the maintenance is completed, the engine should be idled for a period of time under low speed to ensure that all parts are normal; the actual operation of the machine is to determine that the action is normal; increase or decrease the engine speed to determine that there is no oil or water leakage.