Excavator engine failure reason analysis and troubleshooting

- Oct 20, 2018-

1. The engine noise is getting bigger, the throttle has a huge boom, and the car body has obvious vibration.

     Fault Analysis: In this case, the jack should first be lifted off the ground using a jack to see if there is any damage on the bottom guard of the engine. If the bottom guard plate shows signs of severe bumps, it will cause serious deformation and close to the oil pan. In this case, when the accelerator pedal is accelerated, the bottom guard plate frequently contacts the oil pan, causing noise and causing strong vibration of the car body. .

     Solution: Remove the engine bottom guard and perform the flattening correction.

2. When the engine oil is consumed in a large amount

     Fault Analysis: When the engine oil has a large amount of consumption, it is usually caused by the oil entering the combustion chamber and leaking. The cause of the oil entering the combustion chamber is mainly due to excessive engine oil pressure or excessive wear of the engine components. The oil leakage is caused by aging of the engine seal and valve jam.

     Solution: If this happens, contact the repair manufacturer for repair.

3, the engine power is insufficient, there is an abnormal sound, the exhaust pipe emits black smoke

     Fault analysis: This phenomenon is caused by the ignition too late, the engine combustion chamber pressure is insufficient, and the engine power suddenly drops. The original inflation gas is tempered, causing a loud noise. Black smoke is generated due to the incomplete combustion of the gas mixed therewith.

     Solution: If you find a problem, you should contact the repair shop for repair.

4, the engine is difficult to start, there is a strong sense of shock after starting, especially at low speed

     Fault analysis: According to the problem description, it can be roughly judged that the spark plug is faulty or the ignition is too fast. Excessive ignition can easily lead to a risk of deflagration in the combustion chamber of the engine, which in turn can cause severe jitter when the engine is running at medium or low speeds.

     Solution: The service life of the spark plug is generally 15,000 km, and the service life of the long-acting spark plug is not more than 30,000 km. Although the life span is long, the above problems will still occur frequently during use, so that it does not really reach the length of use. In this case, you must contact a professional sales repair and repair shop for inspection and maintenance.

When the excavator engine encounters the above fault phenomenon, it should stop immediately, and comprehensively analyze the fault phenomenon in detail. In short, we must start with the details of daily work, see more, listen more, think more. Constantly enrich the quality of self-professionalism, enhance self-inspection, identify problems in a timely manner and make targeted solutions.