Caterpillar C9 fault code

- Nov 19, 2018-

112 Accelerator Pedal 1 Failure

113 Accelerator Pedal /Brake Plausibility
116 Main Clutch Signal Failure
117 Brake Signal Failure
119 Terminal 15 Failure 15
11C Water in Fuel
211 Vehicle Speed Sensor Failure
215 Cruise Control Buttons Irreversible
315 Cruise Control Buttons Reversible Failure

125 Main Relay 2 Failure
126 Battery Voltage Failure
127 Engine Brake decompression Valve failure
128 Main Relay 1-Short Circuit To Battery
129 Main Relay 3 Failure
12A Thermostarter Relay 1(Heater)
12B Air Heater 1 Power Stage Failure
12E Pre-Post Heating Control System (Active)
225 Main Relay failure (Interrupted Afterrun)
228 Main Relay 1 (High Pressure Pump) Short to Ground

131 Coolant Temperature Sensor failure
132 Coolant Temperature Dynamic failure
133 Boost Air Temperature Sensor failure
134 Boost Pressure Sensor failure
135 Fuel Temperature Sensor failure
136 Rail Pressure Sensor failure
137 Common Rail Pressure Limiting Valve failure
138 Oil Pressure Sensor failure
13A Oil Temperature Sensor failure
232 Coolant Temperature Test failure
236 Rail Pressure Sensor Offset Monitoring
238 Oil Pressure too low
23A Oil Temperature too high

141 Crankshaft Speed Signal failure
142 Engine runs with Camshaft Speed only
143 Camshaft Speed Signal failure
144 Offset between Camshaft and Crankshaft
149 Filter Heater failure
14A Engine Compartment Start Button stuck
14D Info: Engine Overspeed Protection
24A Engine Compartment Stop Button stuck

152 Rail Pressure Positive Deviation High and High Fuel Flow Setpoint Value
153 Rail Pressure Negative Deviation too High on Minimum Metering
154 Rail Pressure below Minimum Limit in Controlled Mode
155 Rail Pressure above Maximum Limit in Controlled Mode
156 Rail Pressure Drop Rate too High
157 Setpoint of Rail Metering Unit not plausible in Overrun
158 Fuel Flow Setpoint of Common Rail Metering Unit too low
159 Common Rail Metering Unit Power Stage failure
259 Common Rail Metering Unit Power Stage Short to Battery
359 Common Rail Metering Unit Power Stage Short to Ground

161 Injector Cylinder 1 failure
162 Injector Cylinder 2 failure
163 Injector Cylinder 3 failure
164 Injector Cylinder 4 failure
165 Injector Cylinder 5 failure
166 Injector Cylinder 6 failure
167 Injector Cylinder 1 warning
168 Injector Cylinder 2 warning
169 Injector Cylinder 3 warning
16A Injector Cylinder 4 warning
16B Injector Cylinder 5 warning
16C Injector Cylinder 6 warning
16E Minimum Injections Number not reached

171 Injector Bank 1 failure
172 Injector Bank 2 failure
17C ECU Hardware for Injection: CY33X Chip specific failure
27C ECU Hardware for Injection: CY33X Chip specific failure

19E Torque Reduction due to Smoke Limitation
29D Info: Torque Limitation due to Negative Torque Coordinator
39E Info: Torque Limitation due to Turbo Charger Protection
49E Info: Torque Limitation due to Engine Protection (against Excessive Torque, Engine Overspeed and Overheat)
69E Info: Torque Limitation due to Fuel Quantity Limitation because of Injection System Errors

1B1 CAN A Bus off CAN A
1B2 CAN B Bus off CAN B
1B3 CAN C Bus off CAN
1B4 CAN Message timeout BC2EDC1 (from Body Computer)
1B7 CAN Transmit Message timeout
2B4 CAN Message timeout BC2EDC2 (from Body Computer)
1C3 CAN Message timeout TCO1 (from Tachograph Output)
1D1 ECU Hardware: SPI Communication failure ECU
1D2 ECU Hardware: EEPROM failure
1D3 ECU recovery – locked ECU
1D4 ECU Hardware: Microcontroller Watchdog failure EDC
1D5 ECU Hardware: Shut off during Initialization
1D6 ECU Hardware: TPU Monitoring ECU硬件:
1D7 ECU Software: Variant Dataset failure
1D8 Overrun Monitoring failure
1D9 Redundant Engine Speed in Overrun Monitoring
2D3 ECU recovery - suppressed ECU
3D3 ECU recovery - visible ECU