Caterpillar C7 engine wiring harness

The engine wiring harness, which is the cable assembly that transmits the signal or electricity, allows each part of your excavator to get electricity, which is crucial, and it helps the excavator run and perform various actions.It's just a bundle of cables.These cables are connected from the engine to each part that needs electricity and are usually made of heat-resistant rubber to cope with the high and low temperatures that are often encountered.
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Product Details

Product name  Wire Harness 195-7336 For CAT E325C E3126B

Product parameters:

Product  name

Motor wiring harness 195-7336 for CAT 325C

Model  number

 E325C E3126B

Part  No

1957336 195-7336

Place  of Origin

Guangzhou, China(Mainland)


wire harness


1 pc


6 Months


In Stock

Motor wiring harness 195-7336 for CAT 325C

C7 engine cable harness

195-7336 wiring harness

caterpillar wire harness

195-7336 motor wiring harness

Advantage :

Save time: 

many excavator equipment requires miles of wiring to run, so installing all the wiring is a tedious process. By compressing all the required wires and cables into a harness, the installation becomes a simple matter: "insert" the harness, greatly saving installation time.


When wires and cables are tied together in a harness, individual components are safer, reducing the effects of vibration, wear and moisture, and the wires are made into an unbent bundle that optimizes the use of space, reduces the risk of short-circuit, and reduces the risk of electrical fire when the wires are attached to a flame retardant sleeve.

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